Using docker-client in scala

Writing this post to give an overview of how to use the docker-client from Spotify in Scala. First, get the latest stable docker-client dependency from maven for your project. Creating the default client instance: You can set the environment variable DOCKER_HOST according to the platform you are running it on. Pulling an image: Creating and […]

Creating JWT authentication for your akka http server

JSON Web Token (JWT) is an Internet standard for creating JSON-based access tokens that assert some number of claims. For example, a server could generate a token that has the claim “logged in as admin” and provide that to a client. The client could then use that token to prove that it is logged in as admin. The tokens […]

Using guava cache with scala

Guava cache provides a whole lot of features when it comes to caching in memory, lets see how we can make use of it in scala. Getting the dependencies if you are using SBT, add the following dependency (of course, get the latest version) “” % “guava” % “28.1-jre” Building the cache Now lets build […]

Tinder swiping using ML

This was just a shower thought that turned into an actual working PoC over an hour of work. Shower thought: Why not find a date for my cat from tinder? swipe right to only for the picture(s) that has cat(s) in it! Converting this into a PoC was super easy with Python (ftw!) My requirements: […]

Taking milky way photos with Huawei mate 20 pro

I recently bought a Huawei mate 20 pro, this post sort of explains how you can take nice milky way shots from you cellphone. This is a game changer for me since I don’t have to carry my mirror-less around anymore. Finding the right spot First, you need to find a spot far away from […]

Flame graphs & scala

I was profiling a scala application not so long ago and came across this interesting flamegraphs. This post will guide you through setting up the environment and exploring the flamegraphs of your scala application. Environment Setup Java >= 8 Install linux perf (yum / apt-get install perf) Perf-map-agent: A java agent to generate method mappings […]

GoBlogger – A micro blogging platform written in Go

I spend few weeks learning Go, the idea was to have a small  side project written in Go by the end of a week or so. I decided to write a small micro blogging platform from scratch – The GoBlogger! Project structure I used the good old bootstrap and jquery for building a responsive UI. […]

Deep search – Getting direct download links

Wrote this the other day combining all the “Google dorks” to get the direct download link to literally anything on the internet. I call it, the deep search. Enjoy! 🙂  

Writing a simple HTTP/2 server in Go

HTTP/2 is designed to address many of the failings of HTTP/1.x. Modern web pages use many resources: HTML, stylesheets, scripts, images, and so on. In HTTP/1.x, each of these resources must be requested explicitly. This can be a slow process. The browser starts by fetching the HTML, then learns of more resources incrementally as it […]

Why your organization should start using Apache Mesos

This is the written blog post of my previous talk about Introduction to Mesos which I gave at Agoda machine learning meetup. The post is split into mainly of the following pieces: Challenges Datacenter partitioning and resource management Why Apache Mesos Challenges Everybody is moving towards microservices, especially If your company is doing good, then […]