Taking milky way photos with Huawei mate 20 pro

I recently bought a Huawei mate 20 pro, this post sort of explains how you can take nice milky way shots from you cellphone. This is a game changer for me since I don’t have to carry my mirror-less around anymore.

Finding the right spot

First, you need to find a spot far away from the city-lights. Non-blocked views uphill or in the mountains are better for this. I use the application called SkyView, you can basically open the app, point it to the sky and it tells you whats up there in the sky! Choose the date / time when the milky-way is visible in that area.

Camera settings

Open the camera application, click on Pro mode (this mode gives you the ability to control the shutter speed, ISO etc.).

Now set the following:

  • ISO: 6400
  • Shutter-speed: 30s

Once the settings are done, next thing you need is a tripod or something that can hold your phone steady without shaking it. You can also keep the phone on the ground face down if you can’t find a tripod or a stand, enable the timer while taking the photo so that the initial shakes are avoided.

Click a couple of photos till you get the perfect shot.

These are the one I took recently at Nusa Penida (an Island in Indonesia!)

You can also use the Photo editing application that comes with the phone to enhance the photo a little bit.

Happy Aerial Photographing! 🙂

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