Tinder swiping using ML

This was just a shower thought that turned into an actual working PoC over an hour of work.

Shower thought:

Why not find a date for my cat from tinder? swipe right to only for the picture(s) that has cat(s) in it!

Converting this into a PoC was super easy with Python (ftw!)

My requirements:

  • Capture parts of the screen (Pillow).
  • A pre-trained model that can detect cat(s)/objects from an image (ImageAI).
  • Control mouse movements / clicks (Pynput).

Installing the dependencies

$ pip install pillow imageai tensorflow keras opencv-python pynput

Capturing the profile section from

I’m only interested in the profile section, ideally I’m interested in this part of the website (blurred the name for reasons obviously!)

that I can pass to the ML Model to identify the objects.

A one liner from Pillow’s ImageGrab can be used for that.

ImageGrab.grab(bbox=(400,100,900,900)) #adjust these as per your screen size.

Now that the screen is ready, time to get the mouse clicks to work in this area of the screen. I need to:

  • Click next to go to the next picture.
  • Click on Swipe left button.
  • Click on Swipe right button.

Defined a function to do that using pynput.mouse

def click(x,y): 
    mouse.position = (x, y)
    time.sleep(1) #Delay to avoid getting a ban.

The basic setup is ready, its time for the object detection now.

ImageAI comes handy for this, they already have a pre-trained model that’s capable detecting pretty much all the day-to-day objects.

# Detect objects from a given image and save the detected stuffs to another file
def detect_objects(input):
    detections = detector.detectObjectsFromImage(
        input_image=os.path.join(execution_path , input),
        output_image_path=os.path.join(execution_path , input.replace('.jpg','') + '_objects.jpg'),
    return detections

Once the objects are detected, the detection would look like this:

Now, based on the detectionmaking a decision to click left or right is super easy with the click function.

I defined a set of objects (A CAT) that I’m interested in to make the decision to swipe right.

See it in action:

Finding a tinder date for your kitter has never been easier, love these random shower thoughts 🤓

Posted by Akhil on Sunday, September 22, 2019

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