Using docker-client in scala

Writing this post to give an overview of how to use the docker-client from Spotify in Scala.

First, get the latest stable docker-client dependency from maven for your project.

libraryDependencies += "com.spotify" % "docker-client" % "8.16.0"

Creating the default client instance:

private val docker = DefaultDockerClient.fromEnv().build()

You can set the environment variable DOCKER_HOST according to the platform you are running it on.

Pulling an image:

val DOCKER_IMAGE = "ubuntu"
Available docker images

Creating and starting a simple container:

  private val IMAGE_ID = "2ca708c1c9cc"
  private val hostConfig = HostConfig.builder().build()
  private val containerConfig = ContainerConfig.builder()
    .cmd("sh", "-c", "while :; do sleep 1; done")

  private val creation = docker.createContainer(containerConfig)

  private val id =
  private val info = docker.inspectContainer(id)

  println(s"Starting container $id with $info")
You can see the container up and running with the docker stats command

Executing commands in the container and reading the output:

  def execWithOutput(command: Array[String]): String ={
    val execCreation = docker.execCreate(
      id, command, DockerClient.ExecCreateParam.attachStdout(),
    val output = docker.execStart(

  println(execWithOutput(Array("sh", "-c", "ls -lh")))
output from the command ls -lh

An example project is pushed to my github for further code exploration.

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